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At our St. Louis dentist clinic patients often tell us about friends with chipped teeth that resist getting treatment. If you have a chipped tooth you know how embarrassing it can be. But did you know that it can also be the cause other many other dental problems that can often become quite painful. If not treated, a tooth with a chip can deteriorate and possibly cause serious tooth infections.
Don’t assume that treatments for chipped teeth are necessarily expensive and time consuming. Often new patients to our St. Louis dentist clinic are surprised by the cost being less than they expected.
Take dental veneers, for instance. A dental veneer is a strong, but thin shell of porcelain that looks like tooth enamel and is bonded over the front of the chipped tooth. These can usually be applied in just two visits and completely cover and protect the damaged area.

Jason Travis Moran
Also, if the damage to the chipped tooth is confined to the tooth enamel, it may be possible to repair it by using a procedure called reshaping. In a reshaping procedure, the chip is smoothed and buffed out until the tooth looks more natural.
Yet another option is to use dental bonding, where composite materials that match the color of your surrounding teeth are fastened to the tooth with dental adhesives. These materials are then cured under a special light. With a skilled dentist, the results can be amazing.
If the damage to the tooth is extensive, your dentist may recommend the installation of a dental crown. In this procedure the damaged tooth is reshaped so that a crown can be bonded over the entire tooth. This usually takes a couple visits, but completely restores the original look of your tooth and can last for many years.
With all these options, it makes no sense to put up with a chipped or cracked tooth. At our St. Louis dentist clinic, we offer free consultations for new patients and can tell you what your options are at no cost to you.


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