Foods to stay away if you want to keep healthy and shiny teeth

It is the sugar and acidic content within our food which damages our teeth. The bacteria within the mouth love to feed on sugar and this produce lactic acid, which causes erosion. The worst sugar for your teeth is sucrose as this is the most difficult to shift.
With regards to acid, this is naturally present in lots of the foods we eat. However acid can erode the enamel of the tooth causing it to become weak and to break down. Acids are commonly washed away from the teeth through the practice of drinking water. Contrary to common belief, it is wrong to brush after eating acidic food. this is because the acid makes the teeth softer and more likely to be negatively affected. It is best practice to actually wait at least sixty minutes after eating this type of food before brushing the teeth.

It is also best practice to brush and floss at least twice a day but what else can we do to keep our teeth looking as good as possible for as long as possible? Here we look at some of the foods, which are going to do our teeth no favors at all:
• Apples – surprisingly this healthy and tasty fruit can do real damage to your teeth. After eating this fruit, be sure to swill out your mouth with water afterwards to negate and enamel eroding properties.
• Anything pickled – vinegar is very acidic of course and is therefore something which should not be ingested on a regular basis.
• Candies – ones which take a long time to suck or break down are the worst. Avoid these if you can! If you can’t stop those cravings then opt for the sugar-free variety.
• Amazingly bread is a foodstuff which is high in sugar. The white processed variety in particular is a major culprit in terms of tooth decay.
• Diet sodas are anther big player in terms of the damage they do to teeth. These drinks are high in rot-inducing acid and should be taken in small quantities.

Damage limitation

Ensure that if you are eating or drinking decay inducing foods that you limit these to the bare minimum, drink lots of fresh water and try to drink sodas with a straw. Don’t forget to find and visit the dentist office on a regular basis to maintain healthy teeth and smile


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